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pcaputils Documentation


specialized libpcap utilities
pcaputils includes the following libpcap-based utilities:
- pcapip: filters an input pcap file based on a file containing IP addresses
- pcappick: picks specific frames out of a pcap by number
- pcapuc: prints unique src IPs, dst IPs, or {src, dst} IP pairs witnessed
- pcapdump: a dedicated packet capture utility similar to dumpcap, but with
these features:
* logs packet dump and drop rates
* can run as a daemon
* can dynamically reload its configuration without dropping packets
* can be signalled to immediately rotate its capture output file
* can partition its output based on time intervals (e.g., start of hour or
start of day)
* can strip application data from the trace file (output headers only)
* can sample the packet stream (e.g., only dump every 1 in 10 or 1 in 100
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